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Well, Bust my Buttons!

posted Oct 26, 2010, 9:53 AM by Unknown user
I don't know why. Maybe I am becoming bipolar or something like that. Who knows? It's just that last week - even up through Sunday evening - I was feeling rather low, but these past two days I have been almost aggressively cheerful. I have energy and a desire to be out and about amongst the students and cracking wise, as some say. These past two mornings when I've shared at the 7:50 am teacher meetings, I have ended up speaking in an exuberant manner, and surprising even myself with the intensity of the passion behind my words. No, I am not suddenly head-over-heels in love and, no, I am not on some sort of mood-altering medication. The Lord has been waking me up for the past two days with a song in my heart and a buoyancy in my spirit and it is such a 180 degree turn around from where I was last week that I am astonished - pleasantly so.

Can I say something? I believe that I will. I love GGCA - warts and all. I'm hoping and praying that the Divine Dermatologist is going to come along and take care of those warts, but in the meantime, I am just going to proclaim that GGCA is simply great. I love our kids! I had lunch today with Alex and Kevin Iten and Nicholas and Elizabeth Groenewold and I really, really enjoyed myself and their company. I am so happy that the Itens and the Groenewolds are in our school. Alex reminds me of somebody - I can't figure out just who - but some sort of All-American boy kind of guy and he just makes me happy whenever I see him (unless he's sleeping in math class). Kevin is good-natured and amiable and a well-rounded guy, from what I can tell, and Elizabeth and Nicholas bless me with their friendly, open, honest to goodness kindness and humor. Their parents must be proud of them. I'd go on and talk about some more students - Emmanuel Abraham is such a respectful, little man! - but I have to dash to staff meeting right now.

Greater Grace Christian Academy - a Real Christian School - and I am darned proud to be part of it!