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posted Apr 23, 2010, 2:26 PM by Dan Dunbar
I chose this particular word to be the title of this entry, because the song of the same name says, "If you say it loud enough you'll always sound precocious." Precocious comes from a Latin word that means "to ripen early," which is why it is used to describe a child who exhibits maturity in some area at a young age. 

I have met some precocious boys and girls this week in my office. These whippersnappers sat in the chair beside my desk and answered my interview questions like miniature adults on a television talk show with squirmy sitting behaviors. Some literally slid out of the chair onto the floor in mid-sentence, never missing a beat. Others wandered throughout the room taking in every detail of my office, sometimes noticing things that I had forgotten were there, like the postcard showing the flower painted by an elephant in Thailand. Some competed with younger siblings to be the center of attention. One appeared to have practiced her poise and behavior and told me that she was a very good girl. Moms and dads have grinned their way through these getting-to-know-you sessions, reminding their sons and daughters to sit on their bums and to speak up or to get back in the chair and to tell me something that might present them in a more favorable light. 

All these young souls have shone with a light that I can only describe as precocious. They had already been screened for their knowledge of numbers and letters and colors and such; they were there in my office so that I could see each one and get an idea of the class they would be part of for the next school year., the group dynamic. My impression? This will be a dynamic group. A supercalifragilisticexpealadocious group! 

God puts classes together. In Psalm 68:6, David says that God sets the solitary in families, and this is why I believe that he takes all the individuals from many families and creates a school family, a class family, knitting the lives of these students together to go through a year or more of school as brothers and sisters. Some of this year's graduates have been together since the beginning. It is amazing the bonds that have developed among them. God has been faithful to bring them thus far. Who knows what future benefit these relationships will yield?

God bless the Class of 2025! 
(I think I got that right.)