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Spirit Day

posted Oct 2, 2009, 12:57 PM by Dan Dunbar
I just finished speaking to a new student here in the office. This student was pretty sad because only one person in his class had been friendly toward him. That really bothered me. Here we are celebrating GGCA Spirit Day and he feels downcast because he hasn't been accepted by the students in his class. That's not the GGCA spirit that I was celebrating today when I proudly wore my maroon and black.

The GGCA spirit I was celebrating was the godly spirit of family love we have here, the spirit that gives us the unity and encouragement we need in the classroom, in the hallways, in the lunchroom, on the soccer field, and on the volleyball court. Our school may be small, but our family unity makes us greater than the sum of our individual parts, and we do awesome things working together as a team that we could never hope to accomplish by ourselves. 

Psalm 133 speaks about a unity that commands God's blessing. If we desire to experience God's blessing in our lives here at school, we need the unity we can have in God's Spirit as Christian brothers and sisters. We cannot exclude the new student that we hardly know and make him feel unwanted and unloved.

Have you ever felt that way? Unwanted and unloved? I have. It hurts like crazy. Every time your heart beats, you feel the ache of loneliness and rejection. I thank God that He loves us with an amazing, self-sacrificing love that lets us know that we are accepted and beloved by Him. As children of God our Father, we can show that same love to our brothers and sisters, our classmates here at GGCA. We can be blessing to others and experience God's blessing in spiritual unity through love and godly friendship.

So show the true GGCA spirit. Welcome the new student into your class. Be a friend.