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New Mittens

posted Dec 1, 2009, 9:24 AM by Dan Dunbar
When I was a little boy, every winter I looked forward to getting new mittens. My mother bought skeins of yarn at the store, took out her knitting needles and the pattern, and asked each of us kids which two colors we wanted. The mittens were special double knit mittens that combined our two chosen colors in a tweedy looking way that made them thick and toasty warm. As she knit, she would call one of us over, from time to time, to measure a mitten against one of our hands to be sure the cuff was long enough or that the thumb was in the right place.  When she finished the mittens, she started making us matching knit caps with pom poms on top. There was nothing quite like fresh mittens and caps to get me ready for winter and outdoor play.

Do moms knit mittens and caps with pom poms any more?