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GGCA Rocks

posted May 5, 2010, 6:18 AM by Dan Dunbar
Pastor Lange likes to use the analogy of a jar, some rocks, some sand, and some water to illustrate how to prioritize. If someone wants all of the elements to fit into the jar, the rocks must go in first - the sand and water will fill the remainder of the space. The task is to identify the rocks - the big things that must be done - and make sure they are given priority over the smaller details which will manage to find their place in the grand scheme of things.

I was reminded of this analogy a couple of days ago and it challenged me to think about what are the rocks in the GGCA school improvement plan. I have identified two big rocks that I hope to focus upon in the coming years: literacy and guaranteed, viable curriculum. 

Literacy is not just the ability to read, write, and speak, but the ability to listen, think, and discern. This world needs Christian believers who can communicate, who are understanding, knowledgeable, and compassionate, and who can stand for Truth. The world system is trying to make people alliterate - all knowledge and skill without understanding, application, or discernment - so they become non-thinking consumers of worldly culture and information. Alliterates know how to read, but do not, or, if they do, are undiscerning and cannot tell the Truth from the Enemy's lies. Christians should be literate, and our school will work toward that end in the coming years, not teaching just the how-to's but the why-to's, when-to's, what-to's, who-to's, and where-to's of literacy so that they will be discerning believers and expositors of the Truth.

Guaranteed, viable curriculum is the second rock in GGCA's jar. Our school needs to work at honing its curriculum to be as sharp as possible so that our students are gaining not only knowledge, but understanding about the God who is the source of all the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that we get in subjects like mathematics, science, history, literature, and Bible. We want every subject to have focus, depth, and purpose in the curriculum and to serve a vital part in the development of our students into young adult believers who are ready, not only for wherever God is leading them in this life, but also for the moment He calls them to step into Eternity. This is a pretty big rock to put int our jar, but we have The Rock to help us, praise God!

At GGCA, we never want to settle back on our lees (Zephaniah 1:12) and think that we have "arrived" and there is nothing we could be working on to improve the quality of the education we deliver. We are always thinking of ways to better serve our students and their families, and I wanted you to know two big rocks that we, by God's grace, are (and will continue to be) going after to make GGCA an even better school. Keep us in your prayers, and thanks for your support.